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Specialized Medical Programs
Designed to Care for You

Specialized Medical Programs Designed to Care for You

Our Programs

Covid Homecare

The COVID-19 endemic has time and again tested the infrastructure capabilities of many hospitals, the PHMC-B COVID Homecare Program allows us to bridge the gap for patients in need of medical supervision in the comfort of their own homes. Teleconsultations with our doctors and daily monitoring of our nurses with the use of digital platforms are just some of the inclusions in this program. We aim to help our patients receive immediate care and help them implement the correct measures to protect their loved ones at home in order to nurse the family back to optimum health.

Drive-thru Laboratory Services

The pandemic has changed the way of lives of many, this includes the hesitation to visit health facilities because of the fear of contracting COVID. Our Drive-Thru Laboratory service allows you to remain in your vehicles with minimal exposure in the hospital to provide for a safer specimen collection process.

Heart and Vascular Institute (HVI)

Cardiovascular disease remains to be a leading global health burden despite the many researchers and lessons learned from various landmark trials. Significant morbidity and mortality have been attributed to it. In the Philippines, the above statement holds true and our region, Southern Luzon, specifically Laguna is no exemption.

Cognizant of the still unmet needs as far as delivery of adequate, affordable and readily available cardiovascular care in this area, a group of cardiovascular specialists namely; adult and pediatric cardiologists, thoracic cardiovascular surgeon and anesthesiologists, critical care intensivists, interventional cardiologists, cardiovascular imaging, electrophysiologists and cardiac rehabilitation specialists bonded together with the optimum support of the Perpetual Help Medical Center-Binan Laguna administration. Headed by our President and Chairman of the Board Dr./ Brigadier Gen. Antonio L. Tamayo the PHMC-B became the first Heart and Vascular Institute (PHMC-Binan-HVI) in Laguna and was formally inaugurated and became operational on February 14,2017. It coincided with the First Cardiovascular Symposium of the Heart and Vascular Institute which became a yearly event.

The PHMC-Binan HVI is designed to be a highly advanced one-stop center for all kinds of cardiovascular care. It provides a comprehensive range of services from preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation services that meet the needs of any cardiovascular patient.

Likewise, it is manned by competent, committed, compassionate cardiovascular specialists ably supported by well-trained and highly skilled nursing staff and other health allied professionals.

Molecular Laboratory

The Perpetual Help Medical Center-Binan will be the first institution to have its own Molecular Laboratory in _____________. In the times today, time is of the essence when it comes to diagnosing diseases early on. This facility allows us to be able to provide our patients with the fast delivery of results with high accuracy. This allows our doctors to make comprehensive decisions on patient care, allowing patients to receive the immediate medical interventions they need.

Hemodialysis Unit

Over the years, there has been a growing number of patients experiencing renal concerns. Majority of these patients are in need of regular hemodialysis sessions. Remarkable progress has been made in the understanding and treatment of kidney disease and we at PHMC-B have worked hard to keep up with the everchanging science behind kidney health. Hemodialysis as a mode of treatment for both Acute and chronic Renal failure has undergone progressive modifications of vascular accesses, dialyzers and machines and our nephrologists remain up to date in order to provide better individualized patient care. These have truly paved the way for a safer, easier and more convenient treatment session for the patient and the whole renal care team.

Cancer and Infusion Center

Chemotherapy and Infusion Center uses specialized medications to reach and destroy cancer cells in any area of the body by classic chemotherapy to biological therapy. Infusion via needle or catheter is used to administer antibiotics,pain medications,blood transfusion ,and other infusion treatment you might need as you fight cancer. Perpetual Help Medical Center-Binan Laguna provides cancer care to patients through its multidisciplinary approach to cancer management and treatment, and staffed by skilled oncology nurses and works closely with oncologist on treatment plan.

Nuclear Medicine
In conjunction with the Cancer and Infusion Center the Nuclear Medicine Department, with the aid of its Gamma Camera help identify metastatic diseases for accurate and efficient monitoring and treatment of cancers.

Operating Room and Delivery Room Complex

We at Perpetual Help Medical Center-Binan use state of the art, modern medical equipment that can address many highly specialized medical-surgical diagnoses. The Operating Room and Delivery Room Complex also utilizes a Central Sterilization System which is employed in all surgical procedures that adhere to the standard safety requirements and protocols for both our patients and medical staff. The medical team headed by our in-house veteran surgeons work hand in hand with our highly trained surgical team and allied health professionals to provide the best interventions for our patient.

Our Delivery Room Complex also employs strict infection precaution for the safety of the mother and baby. Our new mothers are continuously given health education regarding the needs of their newborn and the importance of breastfeeding. The hospital ensures the implementation of Essential Intrapartum Newborn Care protocols to help pave the way for a smooth and efficient labor to delivery process.

Women's Health Diagnostic Center

Women’s overall health and wellness has unique requirements namely reproductive health and breast health.

Breast health is often heard of but also often overlooked. Cancer Societies often recommend that women aged 45 years old and above get a mammogram at least once a year or once every 2 years depending on family genetics and history. At PHMC-B we aim to raise awareness and provide our patients with access to diagnostic machines that help them monitor breast health with great accuracy. Our Siemens Mammomat Inspiration or also known as the “Painless Mammography” is one of the latest in the market for mammography examinations. It needs only to apply minimal pressure to achieve accurate results and better detection for breast cancers. This allows our doctors to make swift decisions on patient care. Prevention is always better than cure, inquire about our mammogram today.

In the same way, for women who wish to conceive or are already expectant mothers, regular check-ups with the help of ultrasound imagery is frequently recommended by Obstetricians. The Women’s Health Center provides a safe and comfortable environment for these patients while strictly implementing infection prevention protocols.